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IntLawGrrls 10th Year Anniversary Conference: “We have come a long way baby!”

by Işıl Aral

IntLawGrrls celebrated its 10th year anniversary on the 3rd of March 2017 with a Conference at the University of Georgia. The Conference opened on the 2nd of March with the screening of Sundance-selected documentary 500 Years directed by Pamela Yates, shedding light on the resistance of Mayan people against the violent and repressive military measures of the Guatemalan government in recent history. The next day, all participants gathered at the Dean Rusk International Law Center at the University of Georgia. With more than 60 presentations, the Conference offered a great range of subject diversity and women took the floor to have their say on almost every subject of international law. This diversity was equally valid for the participants, who had travelled from all around world including from Japan, Australia, Denmark, Kosovo, North and South America.
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WILNET interviews Başak Çalı

WILNET’s Işıl Aral interviewed Başak Çalı, Professor of International Law at the Hertie School of Governance, Founding Director of the Center for Global Public Law at Koç University, Istanbul, and Secretary General of the European Society of International Law (ESIL).

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Gender Equality – A Latin American Contribution to the United Nations

by Elise Luhr Dietrichson and Fatima Sator

The foundations of gender equality, which are central to global governance today, can be traced back to the effective diplomatic skills of Latin American women delegates at the conference that agreed to the United Nations (UN) Charter. This piece, by SOAS researchers Elise Luhr Dietrichson and Fatima Sator, is an adaptation of a contribution to Le Monde Diplomatique entitled ‘Les oubliées de San Francisco’.
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Helena Swanwick: a woman of International Law

by Sara De Vido

We continue our series of biographies of women in international law with an analysis of the figure of Helena Swanwick by Sara De Vido. During the First World War Helena Swanwick extensively campaigned for peace, and wrote on women’s rights and the system of collective security of the League of Nations.

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The legacy of Mary Wollstonecraft

by Işıl Aral

In continuation of our efforts to study the legacy of women in the development of international law, Işıl Aral has written a short biography on the legacy of Mary Wollstonecraft, a pioneer of women’s rights. read more…

WILNET welcomes Judge Xue Hanqin

We are delighted to announce the launch of our website. In order to commemorate this, we share with you an interview we had the privilege of conducting with Judge Xue Hanqin of the International Court of Justice.

The Manchester International Law Centre welcomed Judge Xue on the 5 of May 2016 to deliver the Annual Melland Schill lecture. Her lecture, entitled “Cultural Element in International Law”, illustrated how culture, especially languages, traditions and historical heritage affect the way we understand and apply international law.

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